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The Elder Futhark Odal rune (ᛟ), also known As the Othala rune, represents the o sound.

Interpretation of runes otala for beginners
Otal means property, that you own ancestral lands or are endowed with hereditary features. This Rune supports landlocked attitude to life.


Combined with FEU - FOR CASH PROFIT.

Use it when you're concerned about the okay of your older relative.

To Protect property.

Properties of runes otala by Zinaida Sur

Otilia - inheritance, legacy of ancestors.

Basic concept.

Rune, identifying sign of home, Homeland, inner world.
He brings peace in the house and a harmonious relationship.
Rune Otilia Is considered to be a symbol of orderly signs and deep the word of this sign Is soil. It's the soil we're all locked up in.

It's bright.

The sign Is enduring prosperity and well-being. Family wealth, steady continuous growth.
Otilia at the same time calls for freedom. The child must grow in the family to gain experience, get the best, and then claim his right to freedom.
At Present, people have lost a holistic sense of peace, a relationship with everything.
The gift of freedom Is limited, limited by the power of the recipient, but by the ability of the You can't take more than you need to. The Otiliû were portrayed in Celtic Temples, ice-skating roofs of Russian villages, As a symbol of sacred limits and borders and their security.
The inheritance that Is given to us by others Is food that forms human and inheritance may not only be material, but also spiritual, mental, and also possibly information.
At the same time, the sign recommends that a certain reasonable passivity should go away.
Otilia carries two aspects - loyalty and freedom. It's mutual, it's all parnault. You can't make a Man out of love for you to become like you, go your way, leave, yours, and you don't have to do it for anyone.
Try to let go of your past in peace and bless him.

Interpretation of the runes otala by Ralph Blum

Separation. Retreat. Inheritance
It's a time of differing. The old skin must be discarded, the he of the relationship stopped. The required action here Is obedience and, perhaps, a retreat, accompanied by knowledge, how and when to retreat, and the firmness of will to do so. With this runoj tied property Is a sign of acquisitions and wins. But winning, "inheritance", can come from something you must break up with.

Interpretation of runes otala by Freya Aswinn

Traditional meaning: birth farmstead. Ancient literal translation of the name of this rune, brought before us from the mainland German sources, Is " a great Man ". in this sense it Is directly related to the anglosaksonskim word " atheling ", for " Prince " or " Noble Man " As " Noble ". " transferred " Is also translated by the German word " Adel " and the Dutch " Edel " from the same root.
One of the gods with this runoj Is clearly bound by one. Already in the literature of the Viking era, it Is firmly established that one Is God of noble people, while slaves should seek the protection of the Torah.
In the form of " Otila " Is a combination of rune " Inguz " and " guebo ", so it can be interpreted As " Dar Inga ". perhaps that Is why some modern researchers link it to the idea of inheritance. The comparing concept of inheritance with "inguz", the previous runes of the futarka, we will conclude that it Is meant to inherit genetic material - at least at the occult level. At the physical level, "Otila" Is related to the inheritance of land and the right to own it. In Norway, the right of "Odalâ" Is still legally valid, a person living in a foreign property has the right to remain there and after the death of its rightful owner. The right of "Odalâ" remained for family members until they sold their property, but even after that, for twenty years they were entitled to purchase the ancestral lands.
The "otily" Complex also includes the sacrament of blood and land, which, unfortunately, desecrated and desecrated German policies of the twentieth century, which had no idea of the true nature of this mysteries. In fact, the anglosaksov and other ancient peoples of the sanctification of the earth, the blood spilled in the battle, guaranteed the willingness of warriors to continue to protect the territory from future aggressors. The interdependence of the people and land that they worked on, on which they were willing to give life to protect their tribe, was the possibility of transfer of land inheritance. Rune "Otila" represents loyalty to his family, family and community, As well As to his country. And Loyalty Is one of the highest traditional values in the public destroy of the northern peoples, As evidenced by numerous examples from icelandic sag.
In Magic Fleece "Otila" helps to address Odin in his incarnation wanderer and teacher. Some Runologi Link Rune Otila with closed territory, which in turn causes associations with security and protections. Turning to the mythological compliance, we can match it to the walls of the Asgard, designed to protect the giants.

The Dark meaning of otala (fleece turned)

First of all, the situation you're in may force you to submit. Don't fall for it. The second aspect relates to property: possible loss or loss.
Danger can come if tradition and order are violated in the family.
Delay Is an emotional one, and it protects against excessive change.
There will be no support, because the connection to the soil has been lost, and there has been a break from Patience Is required, a rejection of the desire for goal.
It Is necessary to develop ourselves to unite with other people.
Look for balance within yourself, only then you will find support in the outside world. With the right behavior, eventually you'll win a lot.

Now Is not the time to be bound by old conditionality and authorities. Ask yourself what "feels" Is right for you, and act in accordance with the light that Is now your life. At this time, it's not rigidity, it's turnover. When this sign comes, remember: we act without futurity, and everything turns out to be made.

Work of one otala runes

Connecting to the original energy of the universe.
Inclusion of the ancient wisdom of the universe.
The information and energy aspect of the communication with the wisdom of the mimira.
Relieves the consciousness of a Man at the expense of the spirit of the spirit
Uniting a Man in consciousness with God.
Updates human life energy.
The possibility of moving in time, especially in the future.
Promoting the consciousness and personality of a Man on the path of evolution.
Development of thinking, consciousness, acquisition of wisdom.
Helps to find his home (in the highest sense and domestic).
Protects and protects the house of Man, his family.
Gives welfare to Man, prosperity.
In the financial sphere, there are strong, large incomes.
Energy Talisman at home, families, banks, insurance companies.
Promotes inheritance.
Protects Heirlooms, relics.
Strengthens the egregore of families, the kind of Man.

Normal: A shedding of old skins Is called for. You may receive benefits, but it may require you to give up something else. This may be difficult to do because part of what you may have to give up Is a portion of your background. 

Inverted: Do not be bound by old conditionings. You may be called upon to take a radical departure from old ways. Be totally honest with yourself now. Flow is the proper attitude at this time.

Source:: AutoTranslation from http://attfreya.ru/?rune=othala

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11. ISA RUNE. (Elder Futhark)


The interpretation of the rune Isa for beginners

Rune Isa Is subject to the forces of inertia and entropy. It also symbolizes the ego.


To maintain the state of affairs in its present form.

For the development of strong-willed qualities.

To counter the penetration of unwanted forces.

Properties of the rune Isa by Zinaida Sur
Isa Is stagnant. Ice.

The basic concept.

Isa Is the rune of ice in direct and figurative meaning.
Runa Isa does not distinguish between direct and inverted values.
Counteract this rune Is meaningless.
Isa completely freezes external events and sends a person inside the problem, the person's ideas about himself.
The strength of this rune Is that it serves As a bridge between worlds, it crystallizes and clarifies the values ​​and ideals of Man.

Light value.

A person must voluntarily freeze the situation that runes were asking for.
The situation may not press you, but nevertheless the desired results are absent and the realization of hopes Is postponed.
Under Isa, one can not actively resist circumstances.
Isa's situation Is not solved in a short time. When the situation reveals itself to you and you understand what's the matter ...
Runa encourages people to harmonize the rhythms of their activities with the rhythm of the environment.
Let me ripen the coveted and get it on time, the stop Is given to the person for replenishing strength and energy.
The better a person understands the rune, the more hope for internal growth. If her instructions are correctly received, then the process ends with dawn, the sun rises.
Isa Is the rune of humility.
When Isa comes, Man gets the opportunity to find himself. Do not be afraid, have patience, wait.
Isa - This Is also a prayer.
Whatever your care, shift it to the will of the Most High through the Prayer, and if God's Will requires a stop at the moment, then so be it.
Isa has to remind the person of the priority of the spiritual over the material.

The interpretation of the rune Isa by Ralph Blum

Stagnation. That which prevents. Ice
In your spiritual life - winter. You may find that you are confused in a situation whose meaning can not even be seen. You may be powerless to do anything other than to obey, retreat, even to sacrifice some long-cherished desire. Be patient, because this Is a period of hidden development that precedes the rebirth. Achievements and successes are unlikely now. At this time, do not rely or rely on help or friendly support. Be careful in your isolation and do not try to obstinately exercise your will.

The Interpretation of the Rune Isa by Frey Aswinn

Traditional meaning: ice. "Isa" Is the frozen water, the water Is in its densest state. Water Is mobile, and ice Is solid and static. Thus, "Isa" embodies the principle of preservation and resistance to change. As a counterbalance to development, it slows down the changes, it Is equivalent to the occult "protective circle". "Isa" Is a necessary counteracting force, without restraining influence of which evolution would come out of its predetermined framework and would result in an uncontrolled, chaotic sprawl, like a cancerous tumor.
"Isa" symbolizes forces aimed at gaining material values. It "thickens" and "compacts" the spirit, turning it into matter. It Is the rune of self-preservation and self-sufficiency, in its positive manifestation manifested As a healthy individualism and the ability to survive in any conditions, and in the negative - As egocentrism and the installation "everyone Isfor himself".
"Isa" Is connected with Verdandi - the norna, governing the present. As already mentioned, "Isa" Is static: it simply "is." Its purpose Is to preserve things As they are, that Is, to hold the present in immutability. In itself, it Is inert: it only preserves, "preserves". Finding a common language with this rune Is not easy, because it Is cold, hard and unyielding. In addition, "Isa" dominates Yotunheim - the world of frost giants, representing the destructive forces of winter.
At the psychological level, "Isa" symbolizes our "I" in the most prosaic sense, As well As the ability for individual survival through concentration of forces. "Isa" perfectly helps to concentrate the will on one chosen goal. In the runic scenario, it points to those areas of the unconscious, in which a certain pattern of reactions Is firmly imprinted. Whatever the scheme Is, it Is usually very difficult to change it, or even impossible at all.
In the fortune-telling "Isa" usually symbolizes some annoying influence or opposition to your plans. Regardless of the question asked, it often means that in the near future there will not be room for change.
In some cases, the rune "Isa" Is useful. With its help, you can nullify the action of any destructive or aggressive force directed at you both by magical means, and simply in a fierce dispute. Mentally imagining the rune "Isa", you quickly cool all the passions. The concentrated strength of this rune Is the only worthy counterweight to the action of the Turisaz. "Isa" perfectly serves to defend yourself and to repel any magical attack. You can use it and As a preemptive tool - to prevent any possible action. Magical wars are a rarity, and that any master rune or adept of another magical tradition should attack a Man, a truly extraordinary situation must arise; But in the unlikely event, if you still undergo an attack, Isa will provide you with a reliable defense.

Works of one Isa runes
  • Adjusting to the original energy of ice.
  • The Initiation of the Fate of the Present.
  • Stops Time, the course of various processes, situations.
  • The magic of the present.
  • It connects the energies of the Cosmos and the Earth.
  • Removes all obstacles, energy blocks.
  • Allows you to increase control over yourself.
  • Arranges the train of thought.
  • Calms the soul.
  • Allows you to purify yourself of excess or negative energy.
  • Strong ice energy protection.
  • It protects a person, his house, work - everything in the present.
  • Increases the magical weight of objects.
  • Heals diseases of the brain, throat, liver, skin and nervous system.

Source:: translate.google.com from http://attfreya.ru/?rune=isa
In Divinations:

Normal: Winter has come upon you. You seem to be frozen in ice and can not move. Positive accomplishment Is unlikely now. A cold wind is reaching you over the ice flows of outmoded habits. Try to discover what it Is that you are holding onto that prevents the spring from arriving. Shed the outdated, and the thaw will follow. It may be that you have no control over the conditions causing the winter. In this case remember that this Is the way of Heaven and Earth; winter follows autumn, but spring will always follow winter. Watch for signs of spring.

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1. Rune Fehu. (Elder Futhark)


Fehu : 1st rune : Wealth


Interpretation of Runes for Beginners

Fehu symbolizes the primary, unbridled element of Fire. Its energy Is comparable to the energy of the "big bang" and the lightning striking in the middle of the desert. It Is the generating force at the most primitive level. His energy does not know how to hold, and with magical mysteries it Is very useful for making quick and radical transformations.


To accelerate the transition to the next stage - use it after the "subordinate" runes in your runic inscription.

To increase money wealth.

To protect valuable things.

This Is the rune-sender: use it to send either your energy or the energy of runes to the outside, into the creative spheres.

Properties of the rune Fehu by Zinaida Sur

Feu - possession.
Feu - wealth - good for all people;
Everyone should generously share it
If he wants to have glory before the Lord. (this Is a dream)

Basic concept

Runa Feu - rune property, possession of livestock, property. He puts a person in front of the problem of quality ownership, not quantitative. The property of a person Isemotion, and soulfulness, and feelings, and memory, and the ability to empathize.
In addition, the acquisition mechanism itself Is important, in what way it Is all purchased.
Light value.
If you asked for advice, for any situation, then rune Feu asks to focus on the material side of the issue. Understand what to take, and what not to take, what can and what not.
Feu gives protection against losses, protects values ​​and achievements.
Feu Is also associated with the achievement of emotional well-being, mental comfort, which in the light of the Feu rune are more valuable than external objects.
The resulting wealth should be used wisely, and to avoid quarrels to share it.
The coming of the Feu rune can mean the return of old love or friendship ..
In matters of love, the coming of the Feu rune can also be regarded As an erotic revival. Strengthen the old ties, build new ones on a real basis.
Calls you to look at things soberly - fate at the moment Is favorable for you.

Interpretation of the rune Fehu by Ralph Blum

Possessions. Food. Cattle
This rune of execution: a satisfied ambition, a reward, a happy love. This sign calls for a deep study of the essence of acquiring and winning in your life. Look carefully: Is there something that Is necessary for your well-being, wealth and property, or in owning yourself and strengthening your will. Another meaning of this rune Is related to the preservation of what has already been achieved. Enjoy your luck and do not forget to share it.
Interpretation of Runah Fechu by Freyja Aswinn
Its traditional meaning, according to various sources, Is "cattle" or "wealth" (first of all - movable property). Nowadays the rune "Fehu" Is often associated with the modern English word "fee" ("pay, salary"), which even became one of its names. Possession of money or property imposes a certain responsibility on the owner. This idea Is well expressed in the lines of the "Anglo-Saxon Runic Poem":

Wealth Is a comfort to all,
But it must be shared generously,
Since you want to gain glory in the eyes of Vladika,

and in the Norwegian Runic Poem:

Wealth creates between dissension,
The wolf lurks in the forest.

In both poems it Is a question of a person's attitude to property, which he owns. The first of them gives advice not to become attached to wealth, but generously share it - for only in this way it will serve us a good service. "The Norwegian Runic Poem" warns of the misfortunes that wealth can bring to the family. If you ever happened to be present at the announcement of the will or when you divided the property of a person who died without a will, then you can easily understand what kind of "wolf" Is spoken in these verses. Greed and envy are truly dangerous satellites of wealth. That's why both runic poems are reminiscent of how important it Is to treat wealth richer and more seriously.
At a deeper level of secret knowledge, the rune "Fehu" refers to the deities of the genus Vans - Njord, Frey and Freya. Njord Is related to wealth itself. It Is to this god that one should call for help if you are in a difficult financial situation. Freyr and Freya are fertility deities, who patronize livestock.
In its most general form, the rune "Fehu" means the ability to multiply or preserve wealth. In addition, she points out that at the moment of divination, creative energy Is available to us, which allows us to find wealth.

The dark meaning of Fehu (the rune Is turned upside down)

Regardless of the subject of your question, the rune Feu warns you that difficulties are possible.
The advice that gives the fleece - be prepared for the obstacles on your way.
That at this time it Is dangerous to rush into dubious adventures.
The Divine shows its dissatisfaction with a person, it means that it Is necessary to think about who did not finish, where they have not worked, who should be given something. It can be work, time, knowledge, attention, love.
When the rune Feu falls in a dark meaning, then selfishness and possession are not allowed.
The breadth of ownership and the size of wealth determine the range of opportunities for a person, his self-realization.
Runa Feu does not give assistance in transactions affecting the conscience of Man.
Board runes: take care of someone who needs your help.

In your life there can be a significant upset, loss of property - from insignificant to very serious. Maybe you will have to sit helplessly and watch how what you have acquired will begin to disappear. Even if there Is an occasion for joy, do not slide to meaningless fun. Inverted, this rune indicates that dubious situations are plentiful and come in many forms and guises. When dealing with the shadow side of this sign, you get the opportunity to recognize what your true food Is.

The work of a Fehu rune

  • Entrance to the Runic Egregor. Access to energy Runes.
  • Energy of the Elements of Fire. Primordial Fire. Cosmic Fire.
  • Connection to the World of Muspelheim. The world of fiery giants.
  • It gives way to event management.
  • Promotes the achievement of the goal.
  • Shows the path to the goal.
  • Includes Destiny, which we ourselves create.
  • Incorporates consciousness into the wisdom of the universe, the cosmos.
  • Transmits energy. Gently charges cosmic energy.
  • Protects against harmful effects. It burns a small negative.
  • Heals the heart, the circulatory system, the central nervous system, the spine, hands.

Source translated by google from: http://attfreya.ru/?rune=fehu